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Study Exchange

Erasmus Student Exchange Programme

Cork Institute of Technology welcomes Erasmus applications from students enrolled in our partner universities.  Please check with your Erasmus office whether your university has an Erasmus exchange agreement with CIT, and ensure that the exchange agreement includes your field of study.  All applications must be approved by your Erasmus Office.



Incoming Erasmus Exchange Students

Single Application Deadline for all Incoming Exchanges 2017-2018


Please note that there will be one application deadline only for all incoming Erasmus exchanges, starting from 2017-2018. All incoming applications, whether for the full academic year, or for the autumn or spring semesters only, must be submitted to the CIT Erasmus Office by 30th April 2017.  There will be no second call for spring semester applications.


Nomination Deadline:       1st April 2017

Application Deadline:        30th April 2017


Please note that nominations from partner Erasmus Offices should contain the following information about each incoming Erasmus student:

  • Name of student
  • Title of student’s degree course at home university
  • CIT Department to which student is applying
  • Student's personal email address
  • Whether student is applying for the full academic year, the autumn semester only, or the spring semester only


English Language Skills:

All Incoming Erasmus students are required to have a level of English language proficiency which will enable them to understand lectures, participate in classes and seminars and to sit examinations in the language. Ideally, students should have level B2 on the CFER scale, but at a very minimum level, B1.


Semester dates:

Academic Year 2017/18

Semester 1: Monday 11th September - Thursday January 4th

Semester 2: Monday 29th January - Friday May 25th

Please note: These dates are provisional and subject to change.




If you wish to study as an exchange student at CIT, please follow the steps below

After we receive your official nomination from your home university, you will be sent a link to the application procedure and forms. The application should consist of the following documents:



The application form. This form can be downloaded as a Word document here.  (Please type your information into the form.)


The learning agreement. This document can be downloaded as a Word document here. The learning agreement must be signed by you and the by Erasmus academic coordinator at your home university. Please click on the link above to download the CIT learning agreement. You may also use your home institution’s version.  Details of all CIT full-time courses are available at this link:


A current curriculum vitae/resume.


Your latest available transcripts of results.


A scanned copy of your European Health Insurance Card.


A scanned copy of your passport photo page.






Please Note:  Students who will require a visa to study in Ireland should read the information at the following link on the CIT website:

The application form and documents listed above should be scanned and emailed from your international office to:  before the application deadline.


Confirmation of Acceptance

Applications will be reviewed by the CIT Erasmus academic coordinator in the relevant department.  When your application has been approved by the receiving department, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance email from the CIT Erasmus office.  You can then start to prepare all other practical matters related to your stay in Cork.  Any further information, such as orientation arrangements, will be emailed to you, in due course.

Please Note:  Applicants should not book or pay for accommodation until they have received a confirmation of acceptance email from the Erasmus Office. These emails will be sent out to accepted students during the third week of May (after the applications have been reviewed by the academic Erasmus coordinators).


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