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Letter Request


The CIT International Office provides letters of support that you may need throughout your time here as an Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Study Abroad or Exchange Student.

All fees must be paid before a student is able to register and letters issued.


These letters can be:

IRP (formerly GNIB) registration letter. Find out more here about IRP

Re-Entry Visa letter. Find out more here

Bank letter (request if you require proof of address for opening a bank account)

PPS letter (request if you require proof of address to obtain a PPS number). Find out more here



The CIT International Office does not provide references or letters relating to your academic record. You can obtain transcripts and acadmeic letters from your department secretary.


How to get a letter


Letters are only produced Monday to Wednesday and prior notice must be given

Please allow at least 3 working days for your letter to be produced

Letters can be collected in the International Office and you must bring your student card as identification

Please contact with your request

Due to Date Protection Laws, you cannot pick up a letter for someone else



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