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23 and Still Googling

23 and Still Googling

23 and Still Googling

At 23, after someone told me that I need to learn to be mature, true to my nature I googled the meaning of maturity and it said – ‘ the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner’ and it also said – ‘the time when an insurance policy, security, etc. matures’. I am not sure whether to follow the first or the second meaning. Then like a nerdy business graduate, I started rationalizing and backing up my thoughts with real time data and evidences (yes I am that geeky!). I almost used Endnote to reference my thoughts!!!

I would like to give a statutory warning that all my thoughts are based on my experience in staying alone and independently in Cork for about 9 months and any resemblance to those living or dead is purely intentional!

Miles to go before I meet Maturity….

Maturity I feel seems like that dream man from a Nicholas Spark book until you meet him and realize he is the Joker and you are his Harley Quinn (there goes my Suicide Squad obsession!!!). You learn that when you need to take full responsibility of your decisions and cannot or should not expect support from even the closest kin. Yes, you are a step towards maturity.

Maturity is sometimes like a stand-up comedian pulling a joke at your expense. You make someone your priority but you turn out to be their liability, an unwanted expenditure on their balance sheet. Yes, then you have those heart breaks, listen to a lot of Coldplay and Floyd, put up posts on social media that could make Satan mushy and then accept it as life. That is the second phase and you learn that at the end of the day our entire life is an act of letting go.

Finally, maturity is like that Devil wearing Prada who teaches you that you might wake up to a wet pillow and puffy eyes due to all the turmoil you faced the previous day but when you enter the workplace you look like someone ready to rule the Forbes magazine front page.

Well, this is my take on being mature. I know the world may have taught you that maturity is about age but trust me it’s about being a perfect Mr. Bean and laughing at yourself. I am 23, turning 24 this month and still googling to find an acceptable definition of the word. Maybe I will never find maturity but in Cork, I found myself.

Dedicated – to incoming and existing students looking to find maturity. Trust me it’s just a concept!!

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