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Debolina Sarkar


They told her - ‘engineering is a man’s world’. The black changed her world.

They told him - ‘a degree in music is too effeminate’. The black was his rhapsody.

They said – ‘you need money to get a degree’. The black became his wealth.

They thought – ‘a single mother at 55 could not get a PhD’. The black made her a Dr.

They ridiculed, they jeered, they mocked, they passed verdicts and then they were silenced by the black. Green was their envy and red was their hollow pride but the black absorbed it all. On a canvas of white stereotypes, the black drew its masterpiece.

That day even the sky was overcast as if in congruence with the thousand black robes that took the college grounds by storm. The robes matched the young black eyes that brimmed with hope; the cap matched the slightly wrinkled eyes that brimmed with pride. It is said that black is the colour of mourning but that day it was the colour that exuded happiness, success, pride and dreams. The black removed barriers of nationality, language, religion and colour. It was the colour of camaraderie between people who had come as classmates but were leaving as friends. The black was the guru who smiled when the backbenchers, the notorious troublemakers walked away with a first class honors. He graduated that day with them. The black was the single tear that escaped the father’s eye as he looked up in the sky to tell his wife that he had succeeded in bringing up their twins alone.

The black washed away all insecurities, fears, heart breaks and failures and replaced them with euphoria. The black was their redemption, their patronus charm against the dementors they had faced to achieve this. So where was I in the black? I was a voyeur in their euphoria, going about with props, asking the black robes to get clicked and add to the memories. Their happiness was infectious and their pride palpable.

The black robe, the black hat and the scroll that you held tell something – life is like wrestling; it tries to pull you to the dust but the day you rise again and tell check mate to life is the day you claim your redemption.

Dedicated to – Everyone who graduated from CIT. Your watch has just begun.


Main image credit: CIT Alumni Association Facebook Page

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