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Coming Back To Ireland

Coming Back To Ireland

Emilene da Silva Morais – Msc Computational Biology

Two years ago I decided to come to Ireland as undergraduate student, to do one year of my course at CIT, now I have decided to come back to Cork for a Master. I knew what expect from Cork, It is a lovely and peaceful city with very friendly people, so I am very happy about coming back.

Cork is a student city, there is a lot of students living here, because of CIT, UCC and some other colleges, and I think that’s why there is always something going on the city, like the Jazz Festival, Cork Culture Night, October Fest and many other events, so you never get bored.

Another interesting thing about Cork is that you can find people from all over the world. It is quite common to sit in a pub and hear people talking in different languages and it is not different at CIT. There is many international students doing bachelor, master or PhD here, and the teachers are used to it, they give a special attention to students that do not speak English as first language. Last week one of my teachers draws a wrench because some of the international students didn’t know this word and she couldn’t explain what it was. It was funny and I appreciate her effort to make all students understand. Living in a foreign country is not always easy, but all the care of the CIT international office and teachers make the experience way better.

Making friends in a new country can be difficult, especially if you are not confident enough about your English, but the International Society helps a lot in this process. They organise social events and trips around Ireland to all international students. It was in the pub meetings that I first met most of my friends the first time I was in Cork. Besides making friends, you get to know the best of Cork nightlife!

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