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Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista

When I write this blog today, my keyboard is moist with a few salty drops. I have always written blogs for CIT with joy but today I am writing with a heavy heart. It’s my last day as a student of the Institute that gave me everything that I was chasing. But when I think again, it is not the end but a new beginning.

A laptop has replaced the notebooks, the student card has changed to an employee card of an MNC, the business graduate is a finance analyst but the nerd has remained unchanged. An awkward girl with a weird sense of humour, trying to find validation in every part of the world will remain unchanged.

Being a student is the best feeling as you can make mistakes and get away with it, laugh without pretence and your phone contacts are mostly 3 a.m. friends and not 8 a.m. colleagues. Yet, professional life brings independence, sense of responsibility and a few pennies to shop at Penny’s.

To all new students starting this semester, I would say embrace every transition, fight every battle that’s within you and remember that the toughest day ends with a beautiful setting sun. It’s the little things in life that matter the most and everything else is transient. So enjoy that cup of coffee, watch your favourite TV series on repeat, laugh aloud whenever you want to, hug that special friend, fall down but don’t stop.

This is me, Debolina, batch of 2016, International Business signing off. But my watch has just begun!!

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