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Lookout for the Silver Lining

Lookout for the Silver Lining

Lookout for the Silver Lining

I have always been a die-hard optimist. I don’t know where it comes from. It’s not like life has been a bed of roses, believe me on that. But still, I have been the type of person who feels happy with little things in life. A ray of sunshine after days of rain, a good book, a nice conversation, a good deal at Penneys – yes that’s how easy it is for me to be happy. When I tried to rationalize with myself that enthusiasm about everything isn’t that grand, life answered back to me saying joy can be found anywhere. We just need to be able to accept it with open arms instead of measuring its magnitude.

What has it got to do with this blog, you ask? You see, three months into the Emerald Isle and life hasn’t been a walk in the park! Other than the coursework, which, honestly is the best part of my stay here, after all it is the sole purpose of me coming here, I have realized that living alone isn’t that good an idea in the end.

Living by yourself looks good in the movies and reads well in novels. In reality, you crave for human contact. Staring at the cat for two hours isn’t as fun in real life like the Buzzfeed articles make it seem to be. But, my silver-linings hide in many corners of Cork. The occasional hot chocolates, the weekly visit to Penneys, the tills of Tesco from where I come out with groceries to feed pretty much the whole village. The sound of cooking up a storm in the kitchen (I clearly have a potential career as a chef). The words of encouragement from my lecturers, the smiling lady at the college store (who by the way has made fun of my daily cuppa hot chocolate more than once). The daily call from parents sitting in a different continent, the weekly meets with my friends I can count on one hand less a few fingers. The learnings from my new job, the excitement of earning while studying. Yeah, I’d say these are few silver-linings spread across my journey in Ireland.

You see, life is the cumulative result of all the choices you make. One step in a different direction and you’d probably go a different way. Some choices can come at a cost while some come with confetti! Some you regret for the rest of your life, while some you are grateful for. Coming to Cork was a mix of both for me. I left everything behind for a fresh start. The start came with a cost but I would see it through. I would focus on finding the small joys instead of the bigger ones. I’ll take life as it comes and deal with it in accordance. I refuse to be let down by a few hurdles along the way. With the joy of learning one of the most interesting courses one could think of and the list of little things mentioned before, I believe I will survive this storm! I believe the silver-linings will not let me down.

Until next time, have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful beginning of New Year!

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