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By Jennifer Mullally

Murcia – September

In the weeks leading up to my Erasmus in Murcia I was both excited and anxious. Excited to spend a year in a different country and to experience a different culture, but anxious of leaving my comfort zone in Ireland. However, as my first month comes to an end, I’m quickly getting used to my new life here.

To say my first few days were difficult is an understatement. I missed my family, friends….and of course Irish food. I expected this as I know I’m a home bird, but as soon as I ventured into this new city and saw the beautiful college where I would spend most of my time, the homesickness passed. Every day became better.

Before college began I took part in a Spanish course with other Erasmus students. While refreshing my knowledge of the language I met students that I now call my friends. An added bonus was that the course accounted for two credits…before I even started my classes!


Like most colleges there was plenty of events organised for Erasmus students. From trips to the beach, Tandem nights spent meeting and speaking with people from America to Taiwan, and trips to different cities in Spain. Yes, it was a bit daunting signing up for a weekend trip to Granada with mostly strangers, I can honestly say that trip has been the highlight of my time here so far. Also, with a ‘Welcome Party’ every Wednesday night with free beer, sangria and tapas in the popular Badulake Bar (Murcia’s version of The Rock to Cork students) how could I complain!

As I become accustomed to Spanish food, a laid back atmosphere, clear blue skies with only a blazing sun to fill it, and Sunday’s spent at the beach…I’ve become sure that the next few months in Murcia can only get better. (With college just starting, along with assignments and exams to come, I might regret saying this but I’ll let you know!)




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