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When The Emerald Isle Beckons

When The Emerald Isle Beckons

When The Emerald Isle Beckons

By Debolina Sarkar

Wherever I go, at some point of time, people ask me what is my religion. I tell them my religion is that of a traveller. I can never think of a better repartee to this question. I say this because I have wandered through cities and countries and always found the world to be on my side. So when the ‘Emerald Isle’ opened its arm and called me, I could not resist taking this enticing journey. The distance of 8013 km from India to Ireland seems trivial when you have eyes full of dreams, the ones that do not let you sleep.

Cork with its lush green meadows, windy days, sudden dash of sunshine and cute houses is so different from India yet I feel it owns me in a way. The crowded St. Patrick’s street reminds me of the colorful bazaars of Delhi, the ever smiling helpful people on the streets transfer me back to Kolkata and the flamboyant Irish pubs are like a page from the vibrant nightlife of Bangalore. I feel welcomed and well received. The day I entered my college, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), I felt like I have become the 11 year old Harry who has entered into Hogwarts. So after being a responsible and disciplined IT professional I have again become a student who has the liberty to make mistakes, not be judged for every action, make friends and not colleagues, create WhatsApp groups and go on trips which need not be only on weekends.

The way CIT has opened its arms to International students is heart-warming.   How can you not feel special when you are welcomed with candies, goodies, pizzas and smiling faces?  I know we all feel a little insecure, shy and at a loss, having left our countries, parents and loved ones but all I can say is the journey of life starts where our comfort zone ends. So this is the opportunity to try out new things, make friends from all over the world, explore your hidden talents and fall in love with yourself.

Since we all are like a family now I will tell you a secret. Sometimes I feel really insecure, having left a good job and a comfortable life in India. So one day I was travelling from Douglas to CIT in bus and thinking whether I had taken the right decision and if I will be able to do well in my course. A very old man with a walking stick got onto the bus. There was no seat so I got up and offered my seat to him which he refused. I asked him several times but he kept saying he was fine. It was only when he got down at Wilton did I notice that he only had one leg. He even refused to take help from the driver while getting down from the bus. The pride with which he carried himself filled me with a lot of positivity. Probably it was God’s way of telling me that I will be just fine. So friends if you are feeling down let me tell you it is very normal. There is nothing such as success or failure. A successful person is just another loser who tried one last time before giving up. So if ‘Plan A’ does not work out remember we still have 25 letters to go. So take risks and make each moment count.

With these thoughts this is Debolina signing off and if you feel that the weather is playing a truant remember its only September and - “winter is coming!!!” (Hope there are loads of GoT fans)

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