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We couldn't believe our eyes

As I was on a J1 in Boston during the summer, I had organized to meet up with Warren who is the Dean of International. He picked me up from the train station and showed me around campus. I got to meet several different professors who I would be having in September and they were the most heartwarming people. It turns out that one of my professors was born and raised in Mayo. (Massachusetts is basically another Ireland.) I quickly told Roisin about my experience and we were thrilled to be coming here.


Roisin and I both arrived at the end of August in about 30-degree heat and couldn’t believe how friendly everybody was, they were so intrigued about where we came from and happy to get to know us. There were a lot of different cultures that had just arrived with us that were from England, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, Netherlands and we finally got to meet the Irish boy Jack who turns out to have mutual friends with both of us. Such a small world.


It was a culture shock and a big change from studying in CIT when we started classes here. There are less hours in class but more work to be done by the students in their own time. It took me a few weeks to adjust as I was feeling a bit homesick but once I did, I was on cloud nine. By now, we were trying to find out the best places to ‘hang out’, there are many sports games on during the week to keep you occupied or a trip to the pub called Gully’s is a good call. Unfortunately, the big challenge was being under 21, not for me as I was of age but for most of the international people who are used of drinking at the age of 18, they couldn’t go. We had to find an alternative which were house parties at the weekend but they were good fun too.


Autumn time is amazing here, as they love to call it ‘Fall’. The leaves start to change color and is beautiful to look at on a sunny day. We started to adventure out to Boston for the Red Sox parades, shopping and just exploring in general. Soon we will be going to the Irish Festival in Fenway Park. It is very popular at this time of year where 4 counties come over from Ireland to play Hurling. We will then head to New York to see all the Christmas lights and see what the big hype is of New York at Christmas. It was an amazing opportunity to come here for a semester, to visit all of the major cities that were so close by and to meet people I will be friends with for life.


I would highly recommend to people to come to Endicott for their exchange.


Lisa Hickey, 2018
Dept of Hospitality & Tourism

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