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Links with Industry

CIT Innovation Ecosystem

The influence of industry is apparent at every level of CIT’s educational system as it impacts upon course design, student internships, research funding and startup company engagement. Research is fundamental to CIT’s taught programmes and to engagement with industry.

The CIT Innovation Ecosystem is a concept developed back in 2007 and the key to its success is the way it connects research, teaching and learning and collaborations with industry in an integrated manner. While each of the three Institutional Research Clusters performs cutting edge research to ensure they are at the forefront of knowledge generation in their domain specialty, they also employ specialised staff with a strong track record of research in an industrial context. Add to this a long established culture of working with industry in a two-way engagement and you have a potent combination that brings real impact to investment, whether that investment is made by funding agencies, CIT itself, or by way of industrial collaborators.


These strong linkages with industry extend to our international students in the following ways:

  • Work placement/Internships available in many courses
  • Work in industry while studying
  • Industry-based student projects
  • On-campus business innovation centre
  • Strong input from industry in course design
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