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MTU is proud to participate in the agreement between the Technical Higher Education Association (THEA) and Colleges Ontario.

This agreement allows students which have completed Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas (equivalent to Level 6 and 7 of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications) in Ontario to enter Irish institutions in year 3 or 4 of Bachelor's Degree and Bachelor's Honours Degree courses.

Students applying through the Colleges Ontario agreement will pay reduced fees of €8,500 for each year they are studying in Ireland, down from our regular Non-EU fees of €12,000 per year.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Canadian students to further their education while getting to experience a new country and culture. Ireland is also a fantastic place to study due to the reputation of our education system for producing high quality graduates, our fluency in English and our easy access to continental Europe.

Application forms can be downloaded HERE via the THEA website. Please submit this form along with your application

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