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Staff Mobility

Erasmus Staff mobility is a key element of CIT's International activity. Erasmus lecturing visits provide opportunities for the strengthening of relationships with partner institutions and create mobility options to students. Staff training and job shadowing visits provide staff development opportunities in an International setting. 


By clicking on the Erasmus Partner Institutions List, you will see the institutions with which CIT has signed Erasmus+ exchange agreements and the study areas which are included in the agreement.
You can apply to visit a selected partner institution, depending on which departments are included in the bilateral exchange agreement. 


  • Staff mobility funding covers travel and subsistence costs (incl. hotel).
  • No attendance fees covered by funding.
  • Travel allowance in bands according to distance* - €275 or €360. A higher travel allowance of €530 is paid for travel to a small number of countries. Beneficiaries must use most economical method of travel.
  • 24 hour subsistence rate: €100 to €180 (acc. to destination country).
  • Staff receive CIT staff travel rates.  Any amounts not covered by Erasmus funding must be borne by the sending department.


There are 4 different types of Erasmus Staff Mobility:(Click below for more info)

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