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Study Abroad


Why Study Abroad?


When you embark on a Study Abroad adventure with MTU you will be taking the first step in a journey that will last your lifetime. Going abroad to study is one of the most enriching and rewarding things you can do.  The experiences you will encounter will be discoveries that will remain with you. Meeting new people and living in different cultures will encourage you to become independent and self reliant and this maturity and personal growth with be the key to unlocking many doors for you in your future.

Learn About Yourself // Enhance your career // Boost your confidence

Expand your worldview // Experience another culture // Make new friends

Infinite opportunities to network // Discover your own culture // Adaptability

Savvy traveller


"Our professors and new local friends have helped us settle in and find new places to explore" - Allison Moore

"I can't say enough good things about it!" - Brendan Shane

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!" - Meghan Duschsyhn





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If you are interested in coming to MTU on a study abroad programme, you can find out more information here

If you are an MTU Student interested in attending one of our partner institutions in the US, you can find out more informaiton here


Non-EU Exchange


If you are interested in coming to MTU on an exchange programme, please ensure your home institution has a partner agreement with MTU.

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