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Outgoing Students - How Can I Apply?


Am I eligible to apply?


In order to participate on a MTU study abroad program, a student must
comply with the following:

  • Prior Study: to participate in MTU study abroad opportunities, students must have completed two full semesters (one academic year) at M
  • Academic Standard: you must have successfully passed all assessments/examinations before an application can be resubmitte for consideration. Please note some programs require a minimum academic standard or grade.
  • Degree Progress: to pursue a study abroad program, a student must show a good academic standing and satisfactory evidence of progress towards a degree at MTU

How to apply

  1. Contact Andrea O'Driscoll, your study abroad co-ordinator (
  2. Once a destination has been agreed, approval from your head of department is necessary
  3. You can then submit an application form to your study abroad co-ordinator with your most recent transcript of results and a personal statement as to why you wish to study at that specific location

Submission Deadlines

Please note these dates can be adjusted at the discretion of the International Office

For Spring Semester 2 2022: 1st November 2021
For Autumn Semester 1 2022: 1st May 2022


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