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Please keep yourself informed with CIT Covid updates

Updated 2 February 2021


Notice | COVID-19 VISA Arrangements

As part of Government efforts to tackle the pandemic, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has signed an order that will impose new visa requirements on passport holders from a number of South American countries and South Africa. This order and the associated measures came into effect at midnight on Wednesday 27th January 2021.

In addition to the new requirements above, we have also taken the decision to temporarily cease accepting new visa/preclearance applications. This is effective from close of business 29th of January 2021. Increasing travel restrictions and the measures introduced as part of the Government’s efforts to interrupt the transmission of COVID-19 means that travel may not be possible and even if possible is not advisable unless absolutely essential. It is currently against the law for any person (regardless of nationality or passport) to travel within Ireland for non-essential purposes and people can be fined for doing so.  Enforcement of this has been strongly increased over that last few days.

The situation will continue to be reviewed in consultation with the relevant authorities in the coming weeks.

While it will still be possible to apply for an Irish visa/preclearance online in the normal manner, these temporary measures mean that applicants will not be able to complete their application process and we apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. Please note that any application made online will remain valid until such time as restrictions are lifted.

We intend to resume accepting applications as soon as safety concerns abate. Certain Priority/Emergency cases will continue to be processed and these include the following:

  • Workers or self-employed persons exercising critical occupations including healthcare workers, frontier and posted workers as well as seasonal workers as referred to in the Guidelines concerning the exercise of the free movement of workers during the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • transport workers or transport service providers, including drivers of freight vehicles carrying goods for use in the territory as well as those merely transiting;
  • patients travelling for imperative medical reasons;
  • Persons entitled to avail of the provision of the EU Free Movement Directive;
  • pupils, students and trainees who travel abroad on a daily basis and Third-country nationals travelling for the purpose of 3rd level study;
  • persons travelling for imperative family or business reasons;
  • diplomats, staff of international organisations and people invited by international organisations whose physical presence is required for the well-functioning of these organisations, military personnel and police officers, and humanitarian aid workers and civil protection personnel in the exercise of their functions;
  • passengers in transit;
  • seafarers;
  • journalists, when performing their duties

If your application falls into one of these categories, you can apply on-line in the usual way. Once you’ve completed the on-line application, you should follow the instructions given on the summary page as to where you should submit your application.

If you are unsure as to whether you require a visa/preclearance to enter Ireland you can check here by entering your nationality.

These measures are designed to support our public health restrictions on movement, including into and out of Ireland.

The strong advice therefore is that everyone, regardless of their nationality or visa/preclearance status, or where they started from, who cannot provide proof of an essential purpose to travel to or within Ireland, should not travel to Ireland.


As of midnight 27th January 2021, in addition to countries who were visa required prior to that date, passport holders of the following countries are now also required to apply for an entry visa or transit visa, as appropriate, before travelling to Ireland:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • Ecuador (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • Guyana
  • Paraguay
  • Peru (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • South Africa
  • Suriname (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • Uruguay


Current COVID Level 5 Restrictions

We hope you are all keeping safe and taking care of yourselves at this time. The University continues to review the current situation in relation to Covid-19 and we are taking this opportunity to provide you with as much information as we have in relation to Semester 2.

In summary:

·        Semester 2 will recommence on Monday 25th of January for all undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes

·        All classes will be online at that point [The facilitation of practical and laboratory work is currently being addressed by relevant Departments and you will be updated accordingly]

·        Access to campus facilities is restricted to essential purposes only, until further notice

·        All Student Services remain available, online, at this time

·        The Students’ Union remain available to assist and support you in any way

·        Library, while closed, will be offering Click+Collect service behind closed doors. Note that online services continue to be available via

·        Refer to the Institute’s Academic Planner for the key semester dates in Semester 2.

·        Note that Semester 2 assessment/examination arrangements remain to be confirmed at this time. You will be updated on these in due course.

We will continue to update you if and when there are any changes.

The current rate of community transmission is extreme with consequent risk of potential transmission on-campus at a very high level and we are very aware of the understandably high level of concern throughout the MTU community. We hope that restrictions will reduce case numbers and the roll out of the vaccine will help minimise the risk over time; however, we are simply unable to predict levels of risk for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, please be assured we are continuing to do everything we possibly can to ensure the safety of the MTU and wider community. Further information on other supports available can be accessed at the following link

Please keep an eye on your student email for further updates from MTU Cork.


Studying at MTU Cork


What on Campus Experience will I receive?

While you will not experience the full traditional on-campus teaching aspect of studying abroad, we are planning to offer an alternative set of extensive on-campus experiences through industry engagement and social & cultural events, while adhering to public health advice in all situations, that will provide you with a valuable and memorable international learning experience. We promise to continue with the high-quality delivery of education and, as circumstances allow, will endeavor to expand on-campus teaching and learning activities for you with faculty, classmates and friends with a view to maximising your student experience and engagement with society and the world of work during these challenging times.

Will I have access to on campus facilities?

Access to facilities like libraries or the gym will be in line with government advice and in accordance with current level restrictions.

My course is delivered in a blended manner or online, do I get a reduction in Tuition Fee?

Given the current situation and global financial impact, CIT has generously offered all international student offer holders the 25% scholarship for the 2020/2021 academic year.  There will be no further reduction in fees.

Can I study at home? Can I wait until January to apply for a visa?

You will need to be visa approved in order to register as a student in September. Please be mindful that you will need to pay €6000 in order to apply for a visa and the balance must be paid before registration. As a registered student, you will still be able to attend classes online if you are delayed.





You must inform us of your travel and accommodation details

What do I need to consider before travelling to Ireland before Study?

The law now is that, if you arrive in Ireland from any other country you will need to fill in a form called the Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form.

You'll also need to self-isolate for 14 days self-isolate for 14 days.

We ask that you travel at least two weeks in advance of the start date in order to adhere to self-isolation requirements on arrival

What is my Pre-Departure Checklist?

-Documents Required for Registration

-Pay your tuition fee

-Purchase Health Insurance

-Book your accommodation  - inform us of your booking

-Plan your trip – inform us of your flight details

-Check your airline’s requirements

-Prepare your immigration documents (Passport, Letter of Offer, Evidence of Tuition Fee Payment, Evidence of Medical Insurance

What will be happening as I'm arriving into Ireland?

MTU Cork will be providing a meet and greet service at Dublin Airport from Mid-August to 30 September 2020. This will include a private transfer bus to Cork then transfer onto your accommodation.

If you are arriving outside these times, please le us know so we can organise transfers

You are not permitted to use public transport

What will I need for Passport Control?

You will have to go through Passport control at Dublin Airport/Cork Airport and you will need to present the following documents to the Immigration Officer

1.Your passport with valid entry visa

2.Offer letter from MTU Cork

3.Evidence of payments to MTU Cork

4.Evidence of medical insurance

5.Your Accommodation details and self- Isolation details

(incase your self –isolation & accommodation address are different)

1.Covid-19 tracker form

2.Port entry letter from MTU Cork

What if the situation worsens in my country or I cannot travel?

MTU Cork promises to be as flexible as possible to address each students’ individual needs.  Through online classes, we will make every effort to accommodate the needs of students who are not in a position to travel to Ireland in time for the 21 September 2020 commencement of classes but will do so when it is safe and possible for them to do so.  It is important to note that you will need to spend at least one semester living in Ireland to qualify for the stay-back work visa for international students.




You must inform us of your travel and accommodation details so we can organise a seamless experience in your arrival and self isolation

You may require full time accommodation for self isolation in order to be accepted by immigration; Air Bnb or guesthouses may not be accepted.

What are my accommodation options in Cork?

We have secured a number of houses for international students within 800m of campus.  For further information please contact Carma Properties at

We are currently working with Carma Properties to give you a seamless on arrival and self-isolation experience.

Further accommodation available can be found at the accomodation office




The Irish government requires everyone arriving from overseas to restrict their movement for 14 days. 

This means  staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible.  This includes*: 

•Not going to campus facilities such as libraries/lecture theatres etc. or a workplace; 

•Not using public transport; 

•Not having visitors in their place of residence; 

•Not visiting others;  

•Not going to shops or pharmacies unless it is absolutely necessary. Where there is no alternative, a face-covering should be worn. 


Please note that staying with friends / family in shared bedroom / on the couch is not suitable accommodation to restrict your movements.



We understand, due to the uncertainty at the moment given the current situation, you may have questions about your application to MTU Cork. MTU Cork staff are working remotely so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at



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