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Interesting Blog by CIT Vietnamese Students - December 2018

Nowadays, many universities offer various valuable opportunities for education to international students.

But which university is your most suitable?

You are responsible for your own life and future career path, not your parents or friends. This is my first blog telling you about why I choose Cork Institute of Technology through the lens of other students.

Alison O Gorman is a 3rd year Marketing student. She is taking part in the final of the CIT Brand Challenge this evening. She has always had a huge interest in marketing, even in secondary school she always knew she wanted do study marketing. She just thinks it’s a quite exciting area and it’s always changing and growing so she thinks it would be a great area to get into.


She thinks she enjoys the small class sizes the most, it is a lot more intimate and you get one on one attention if you need it. She really admires two lecturers, Lisa Scannell & Holly Barry. She has them for a lot of modules this year and have had for the last 3 years and she just thinks what they do is fantastic. They’re so well educated, and they know what they’re talking about. She definitely wants to pursue a career in marketing, that’s what she is studying at the moment, so she definitely wants to get a job in that field. In CIT, she thinks she has learned presentation skills – she wouldn’t have been very strong with them back in secondary school or first year, but the more she has done it for modules in CIT she has really progressed with it.

She thinks the course she is doing is good – there is a lot of practical work. Today she is the final of the CIT brand challenge that she will be competing in with her team for coffee brand, Frank & Honest, so she thinks that’s really good experience. She doesn’t know any other college that’s as practical or hands on with students like working directly with companies as a live experience, so she thinks that will really stand for her when going for jobs after college.

For the best memories in CIT, she supposes all the friends she has made have been lovely and this brand challenge competition is so exciting – working with this company is amazing and really good experience.

When leaving in CIT, she will miss her friends most. She’ll be sad leaving all of them and when they go separate ways after college and get jobs.

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