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Erasmus Study Exchanges

How to Apply for an Erasmus Study Exchange

Erasmus Coordinator Contacts

Students thinking about undertaking a semester abroad as part of their studies are asked to contact the Erasmus coordinator as early as possible. The process of going on an Erasmus/Exchange must be started almost a year before you wish to start studying abroad, so the earliest interest experessed, the better!

Every Department has a designated Erasmus Coordinator for outbound students. They are the initial point of contact for students who plan to go on Erasmus. Make an appointment to meet the Erasmus Academic Coordinator for your department to discuss your options.  (Click here for the list of Erasmus Coordinators). After this meeting, you should have a good idea of where you wish to go, and when. 

You should then email the Erasmus exchange coordinator ( to set up a meeting where you will be given the application schedule and requirements, and the Erasmus funding available for your destination country and the duration of your Erasmus exchange.

You will need to follow the application procedure  ensuring that you apply before the relevant deadline (see below)

MTU Outgoing Erasmus application deadlines:

Applications for Autumn semester or full year abroad: 15th March 2023

Applications for Spring Semester: 15th October 2023

Please note that applications arriving after these deadlines will not be considered.

Registering at Munster Techological University

 You must be registered as a student here at Munster Technological University  for the year in which you are going abroad.

Applications are assessed primarily on academic merit and should you not meet the required results – then your academic coordinator will have to discuss your Erasmus application, You will need to email and your Erasmus Academic Coordinaotor if you fail a module before you go on eramsus. It is your responsibility to inform us.

What happens if I don't pass my courses abroad?

There can be serious academic and financial consequences to failing your year or semester abroad. Where the credit deficiency is small, it may be possible to compensate by doing a project or essay assigned by your academic coordinator. However, the facility for doing this type of “make-up” work is at the discretion of the academic coordinator and the relevant College. You may be required to take the repeat examinations of the host university.  An overall fail result can lead to students being required to retake the year at Munster Technlogical Universityand pay the repeat fee, in which case they will no longer be eligible for an “International” degree; they can also be asked to repay the Erasmus grant or part thereof.

Erasmus Study Exchange application form can be downloaded here.

Submitting Your Erasmus Application

Complete the Erasmus application form.

Complete an Erasmus Learning Agreement, listing the modules and credits you plan to take at the host institution.

Both the application form and the learning agreement must be approved by your Erasmus Academic Coordinator before you submit them to the Erasmus Office.  Email the completed and signed application form and learning agreement to: before the deadlines.

Please see Guideline for Completing Erasmus Learning Agreement for further information.

Following receipt of the signed application form and learning agreement, the Erasmus Office will officially nominate you to the partner institution.  The host university will then send you details of their own application process and deadline, and inform you which support documents you will need to upload with your application.

Students will be asked to upload some or all of the documents listed below, with their on-line application:

  • Signed Erasmus Learning Agreement
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card (must be valid for period full Erasmus period.  (
  • Copy of photo page of valid passport
  • Transcript of Results from most recent examinations

Some institutions require applicants to print out a copy of the completed application form, get it signed and stamped, and email it to the institution (some host Institutions may ask you to upload additional documents - please check the information for applicants on their website).

After the application deadline has passed, the host institution will send an acceptance email or letter, directly to the student, or to the MTU Erasmus Office, and you can then go ahead and make all practical arrangements for your exchange.

Steps Involved Once you have been allocated a place, and before you go abroad, you will need to: • complete an  Erasmus Grant Application form. Follow the application procedure for the host university (your academic coordinator will advise); • complete a Learning Agreement; • take an online language assessment if you will be studying through French, German, Italian or Spanish; • complete the Erasmus grant agreement, return a copy to the MTU International Office and keep a copy for yourself (before you leave to go on Erasmus, the International Office will send you this and other documents in an information pack);



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