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Erasmus Traineeships



An Erasmus traineeship (internship) can be carried out at either of the following types of organisation:

  1. An Erasmus partner institution (e.g. in a campus company of the university, or working in one of its administrative centres.)
  2. A company, professional or research organisation

Please note the different application procedures for options 1 & 2.

CIT Application deadlines for Erasmus traineeship: 

  • 1st Semester and Full Year  - 15th March 
  • 2nd Semester - 15th October 

*Most MTU internships take place during the spring semester. However, many partner institutions require completed applications by early November. This is because they need to know how many students will require accommodation during the spring semester.  Many institutions have an automatic application cut-off date, after which it is too late to submit an application.

1. Application Procedure for a Traineeship in a PARTNER INSITUTION:


Download and complete the Erasmus Traineeship application form, attach a current CV, and submit it to: 


An initial meeting will be arranged with the MTU Erasmus Office to discuss placement options and application procedures.



The student will then meet the Erasmus coordinator or placement coordinator in their department (click here for list of Erasmus Placement Coordinators) to discuss the content of the traineeship and prepare the Erasmus Learning Agreement for Traineeships.



Once the content of the traineeship is approved, the Erasmus office will notify the host institution with the name/s of the student/s who have been selected to do their placements in their institution.



The student will be sent a link to the on-line application process of the receiving institution.  The student should then complete the application for the partner university (usually on-line), and upload a number of supporting documents, including the following:

  • Completed Erasmus Learning Traineeship Agreement
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card (must be valid for period full Erasmus period.  (
  • Copy of photo page of valid passport
  • Transcript of Results from most recent examination

Some organisations require applicants to print out a copy of the completed application form, get it signed and stamped, and email it to the institution (some host Institutions may ask you to upload additional documents - please check with the host organisation).

Travel Insurance

Please note the following clause (below) from the MTU insurance policy, concerning the additional three week period of insurance cover for students going on Erasmus.  This can either be at the beginning or the end of the Erasmus exchange period.  If a student travels to the host country more than three weeks before the start of the Erasmus period, then the student will not be covered by the MTU insurance policy, and will have to purchase their own travel insurance, which will need to cover medical and repatriation cover, for the whole period of their time abroad.  The student must provide the Erasmus office with evidence of this insurance policy, or they will not be allowed to go on the Erasmus exchange. 

 As a special condition to the travel insurance policy, Erasmus students are allowed have 3 weeks at either end of their trip for personal travel.  

It is also noted that Erasmus students may take up to a maximum of 3 weeks personal travel, either immediately at the beginning or immediately at the end of their Erasmus Programme, outside of the Republic of Ireland (or Permanent Country of Residence for those students who are not originally from Republic of Ireland) during this time.

Do not book flights until you receive a letter of acceptance from your host college / Institution has been confirmed in writing.

2. Application procedure for a traineeship in a COMPANY:


The application for an Erasmus traineeship in a company is the same as above, except that the MTU Erasmus office will email the application documents directly to the company (there is usually no on-line application process for company placements).




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