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Immigration (IRP)

Registering with immigration - Irish Residency Permit (IRP)



All students must register with immigration once they are here. This is know as IRP (Irish Residency Permit) or the older GNIB.

Students must renew every year and register at the registration office nearest to where you live

The Immigration Office in Cork is located in Anglesea Street Garda Station.

You will have between 30 and 90 days from arriving in the country to register your stay. It will state on your passport.

If you have questions email or go the Irish Immigration Website


Make an appointment


To arrange an appointment to register:

  • Email your Name and Date of Birth to
  • Each Student must use their own email address to request their own appointment.
  • Block Booking of appointments is strictly forbidden.


If you are renewing your IRP, make an appointment with your local registration office at least six weeks before your IRP card is due to expire


Arrange your documents


  • Your passport
  • Full Completed IRP Form
  • An original Letter of Acceptance from a college/university confirming you have been accepted & enrolled – Your letter must show you are enrolled on a privately funded course at level 7,8,9, (or above) of the National Framework of Qualifications.You can request your letter here
  • Proof that you have paid any college/university fees – You may use an original receipt from your college/university (showing the amount paid) as proof.
  • Current MTU Student ID Card
  • If your course fees are below €6,000, you must be able to show you have paid the full amount
  • If your course fees are higher than €6,000, you must be able to show you have paid at least €6,000.
  • Proof of scholarship funding (if appropriate) – An original letter from your sponsor describing your scholarship, financial and other support
  • Proof that you have private medical insurance – You cannot use travel insurance as an alternative
  • Registration fee of €300 per person payable by credit/debit card. Debit/Credit Card is preferable. If you are using another person’s debit/credit card, the cardholder must be present with Photo I.D., They should remain outside the Garda Station until they are called by the student and asked to present at the registration desk

Arriving for your appointment


When you arrive at the registration office, please check in with the Garda on duty to let them know you have an appointment to register/renew a permission.

One person per appointment and only arrive 5 minutes prior to appointment time as no queuing is permitted

During registration you will:

  • Have your documents reviewed
  • Have your photograph and fingerprints taken
  • Pay a fee of €300

The visit should take no longer than 30 minutes.

After your appointment


We will use your photograph and your personal details for your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card. This card shows the conditions under which you are legally living in Ireland.

You must return to your local registration office to pick up your new IRP when we contact you to say it’s ready for collection.


If you are a PhD or Masters by Research student please make your request directly to



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