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Irish Residency Permit (IRP)

Registering with immigration - Irish Residency Permit (IRP)


September 2020 update

All such permissions that are due to expire from 20th September 2020 - 20th January 2021 are automatically renewed by the Minister to the 20th January 2021. The renewal of permission is on the same basis as the existing permission and the same conditions attach. In relation to persons with existing permission under Directive 2004/38/EC (Free Movement Directive), the automatic renewal is subject to the requirement that the person is complying with the requirements of the Directive

Please find out more here



July 2020u update


Regardless of whether or not you are arriving from a visa required country, all international visitors staying for more than 90 days are required to register their stay with Immigration for an IRP (Irish Residence Permit). You will need to renew your IRP every year and you need to update immigration if you change your address during your stay.

The Immigration Office in Cork is located in Anglesea Street Garda Station.
You will have between 30 and 90 days from arriving in the country to register your stay



Depending on the time of year, you may be seen straight away or you may be given a further appointment. It is worth having all your documents ready with you in case you can be seen straight away.

What do I need?

+A valid passport
+Completed IRP 1 form. You can download here
+A valid visa (if applicable)
+Valid CIT student card & Original College Letter
+Proof of Private Medical Insurance
+Proof you have enough money to support yourself in Ireland e.g. bank statements, sponsorship letter etc.
+Evidence of permanent residence in Ireland e.g. bank letter/lease agreement
+A letter from CIT stating that you are a registered student. This letter needs to be no more than 1 week old when attending immigration and you need to allow a number of working days when requesting from the International Office.
+Immigration Card Fee of €300

If you are an existing student you can download the renewal form here


If you are planning to travel, you may need to apply for other visas. This is the student's responsibility to organise and you can find out more here

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