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Third Level Graduate Scheme (1G)

Third level Graduate Scheme (1G)

This programme allows legally resident Irish educated non-EEA graduates who hold a level 8 or level 9 award from a recognised Irish awarding body to remain in Ireland after their studies for a period of twelve months.

This should be for the purpose of seeking graduate level employment and applying for a general employment permit, a critical skills employment permit or research hosting agreement.

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Watch back our short information session. The time codes for each section are below;

What is the 1G Visa: 00.00 - 00.35

Duration of Permission: 00.35 - 2.31

When can I apply: 2.31 - 3.16

How do I apply: 3.16 - 4.34

Working/PPS: 4.34 - 5.32

Further Information: 5.32 - End



In order to qualify graduates:

  • Must have been notified in writing by the relevant awarding body or institution on or after 1 January 2017 that they have achieved the award for which they had enrolled as a student
  • Must hold a current Stamp 2 student immigration permission and an up-to-date immigration registration card, and must apply within six months of being notified by the relevant awarding body or institution that they have achieved the award for which they had enrolled as a student
  • Must not have already exceeded the seven-year limit on their permission as a non-EEA national student in the State
  • May, if having previously benefitted from the Third Level Graduate Programme at a level 8 award or above, on achievement of a higher level award, for example level 9 or above, re-enter the Third Level Graduate Programme for an additional period of 12 months, subject to the overall limit of eight years
  • A graduate will not be permitted to access the Programme on more than two separate occasions, subject to 4 above
  • Must, in line with the obligation on any non-EEA national seeking to renew their permission to be in the State, comply with the laws of the State. Such persons are expected to be of good character and not to have come to the adverse attention of the authorities in any way
  • Must present evidence of the final award being attained by way of a parchment or, in circumstances where the graduation ceremony is yet to take place, an official letter for the awarding body / institution confirming that the award has been achieved.


Required documents


  • A copy of the award granted to you (If you have it)
  • Transcripts. You can get these from your department secretary
  • Letter from International Office. You can request this here. We can only issue a letter once your results are officially released and you have your appointment.
  • Your passport
  • Medical insurance
  • Current valid IRP Card
  • You must pay a fee of €300 per person to register.

Duration of permission


Level 8 Bachelor Degree: 12 months

Level 9 Masters Degree: 24 months. This will be renewed after 12 months where the graduate satisfies the immigration authorities that he or she has taken appropriate steps to access suitable graduate level employment (for example, attendance at job interviews, signing up with graduate employment agencies).



*please note that under the Stamp 2 (student) visa you are enttitled to work 20 hours part time and 40 hours part time. You will be considered on your student visa until you have your 1G visa and tied to the student working hours during term time even if you are no longer studying.



If you are a PhD or Masters by Research student please make your request directly to


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