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Study Visa - Already live in Ireland

I already live in Ireland, what visa and immigration information do I need to know?


  • If you already hold an IRP, you can renew as a student at your renewal date. We will provide the necessary documents during registration and orientation in September.
  • You cannot register as a MTU student before the start date of the programme in September.
  • If your renewal date is before September, you should request an extension with immigration until September when you can register as a student. Your offer letter will be proof you have been offered a place.
  • If you have questions email or go the Irish Immigration Website


Statement from the Minister for Justice on the arrangements for the renewal and registration of immigration permissions post-31 May 2022

During the pandemic, Minister McEntee generously extended immigration permissions nine times to allow people who held a valid permission to be in the State in March 2020 to be legally permitted to remain here until 31 May 2022.

These extensions were made in the context of an uncertain health and international travel situation to provide assistance and assurance to people who use our immigration services.

Now that those circumstances are returning to normal, it is important that we also return to a more normal way of doing business. This includes in relation to first-time registrations and renewals, and processes and procedures have been in place to allow customers to do so for some time now.

Notwithstanding this, Minister McEntee has made arrangements to provide clarity to certain groups over the summer months, saying today:    

“I recognise that additional clarity regarding immigration arrangements post 31 May is required for some groups. In particular, for employees who may be awaiting the renewal of their Irish Residence Permit card and for English language students who intend to enrol in third level courses from September”.

“Non-EEA nationals can continue to work if they can provide documentary evidence of their ongoing application to renew their immigration permission to their employer”.

“As in previous years prior to the pandemic, English language students who have completed their maximum three 8-month courses and who intend to enrol in third level for an undergraduate or graduate course beginning in the autumn, can apply for a short-term letter of permission based on their proof of application or enrolment. This will provide them with a bridging permission over the summer months until they start their course, which they can then register in the normal way”. 


Since July 2020, Dublin based customers have been able to renew their permissions online and more than 125,000 customers have done so. Renewal applications can be made at: https://inisonline.jahs.ieLinks to an external site.. Anyone renewing their permission with a new passport can also now upload their passport bio data page online.  

The requirement to wait until the final four weeks before renewing the permission has been amended. Customers may now apply to renew their permission up to 12 weeks in advance of the permission expiring.

First-time Registrations
For first time registrations, since 10 January 2022, Dublin based customers can use the Freephone number (1800 741 741) to book their appointment. Since its introduction the service has provided 17,405 appointments for customers, with a further 10,459 appointments booked to early July 2022.

Appointments for first time registrations and renewals for customers outside of the Dublin area can be made through the Garda Station network.

Information for Employers

An online notice for employers confirming that non-EEA nationals may continue to work once they can provide documentary evidence of their ongoing application to renew their immigration permission is available at: to an external site..

If an employee’s Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card has expired and they are unable to obtain a valid registration card by 31 May 2022, they are still legally permitted to remain in the State provided they show proof that they have applied to renew their registration and are waiting for it to be processed. All renewals are processed online and applicants are issued with a receipt of application and a unique application number (OREG number).

Prospective employees intending to take up employment under these arrangements should print the notice for employers and present it if requested by their employer.

International students who have arrived in the State and who wish to engage in employment should be able to demonstrate to employers that they have a valid landing stamp in their passport indicating they are required to register for a Stamp 2 permission on an approved scheme under the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP).

Arrangements for English language students transitioning to third level education

Following consultation with the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, students who have completed their maximum of three eight-month English language courses and intend to enrol in third level for an undergraduate or graduate course beginning in the autumn, will be able to apply for a short-term letter of permission based on their proof of application/enrolment.

This short-term permission will be valid until their course starts and they can officially register on the ILEP-listed higher education programme. The conditions attached to current permissions will continue to apply.  Similar bridging arrangements were made in the years preceding the pandemic.  

Students in this category who wish to apply for a letter of permission should email from Monday, 30 May to apply. Students should attach a copy of their Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card (front and back) and evidence of enrolment on a course of study at third level listed on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEPLinks to an external site.) starting in September 2022.

Students with queries in relation to this process may call 1800 33 0011 between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. The service will commence operation from noon (12:00pm) on Monday, 30 May 2022 and remain open until Monday, 13 June 2022.

Students who wish to leave the country and return at the end of the summer to begin their new course may of course do so. However, those who seek a bridging permission to stay may face practical difficulties should they wish to re-enter the country as their current IRP card will not reflect the amendment of the expiry date of their permission.

Once accepted to a course of study, students must submit the necessary documentation and, if eligible, will be issued with a new permission. They will then be required to register that permission.

Students with a valid Stamp 2 permission may work up to 20 hours a week while they are studying in Ireland. During the months of June, July, August and September and from 15 December to 15 January students may work up to 40 hours per week.






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