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Study Visa

Applying for a Study Visa


If you are a PhD or Masters by Research student please contact

Many non-EU students need to apply for a visa to the Embassy of Ireland or the Consulate in their home country.

This can take several months, so it is important to allow plenty of time for this when planning for your admission date.

It is the responsibility of students to arrange their own visas. In such cases, students should ensure that they make their visa applications well in advance of the start of their course at MTU. For complete details of visa requirements and processes, please visit the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service website:

The MTU International Office can only provide guidance. It us up to the student to seek the correct information from the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service for their own particular situation.


Please note if you do not require a English Language Proficency Exam for entry to MTU you may be required to provide one for Visa purposes so please ensure you check Visa requirements for your country

Please go to to the Irish Immigration website for the latest information on documents required. The link can be found here (

Please note it is the responsibility of the students to organise their visas in good time and late entry to class will not be allowed.



Registering with Immigration


After you arrival, regardless of whether or not you are arriving from a visa required country, all international visitors staying for more than 90 days are required to register their stay with Immigration for an IRP (Irish Residence Permit).

You can find out more here







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