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Undergraduate Programmes


Título Académico de Bachiller / Diploma de Bachiller / Bachillerato General: minmum average 7


1 year at Título de Licenciado / Título (Profesional) de [subject area] level at a recognised university : competitive grades


Specific subjects may be required for entry into certain courses.

If you have taken exams which are from another country's national education system (such as SAT and AP exams from the USA or A-levels and IB) you should consult the relevant country page for qualification equivalence information.



Postgraduate Programmes


Título de Licenciado / Título (Profesional) de [subject area] from a recognised Institute


2H2 equivalent: minimum 7.0/10.0

2H1 equivalent: minimum 8.0/10.0

1H1 equivalent: minimum 9.0/10.0


These are minimum requirements and do not automatically guarantee entry. Please refer to the individual course page for additional entry requirements i.e. portfolios, work experience, technical certification.



English Language Requirements


Please refer to this page for information on other English language requirements.


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