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International Baccalaurate


Minimum entry requirement = 28 points


1. Points will vary from course to course

2. At least 6 subjects must be presented

 - 3 Higher Level

 - 3 Subsidiary Level

3. You must have English, Mathematics + a second language with a minimum grade of 4 at Subsidiary Level

4. Students will be ranked on the basis of their best six subjects from one sitting of the IB / Matriculation examination

5. Maths Studies is not acceptable where a Maths requirement is indicated. Students must present Maths Methods or Mathematics with a minimum score of 5 at Higher Level.

6. If a Lab Science is required for a specific degree programme, a minimum score of 5 at Higher Level is required in a Lab Science.



English Language Requirements


5 at Higher Level or 4 at Standard Level if presenting IB through English) or equivalent English Language competence.

Please refer to here for information on other English language requirements.

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